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Julython (in January) - a python codemonth with infrastructure, not just culture is taking the approach of "gamifying" day-to-day python hacking; you just add a commit-hook that pokes their site, and they assign you "points"... reminds me of and a little :-)  Running January 2013.
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Day 27 - wrapping up...

The month is coasting to a halt, thanksgiving vacation time is either a complete disruption or a good time to get some hacking done, depending :-)

This is a good time to start thinking about what you've got to show for the effort, and what you're going to do with it next.
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Day 13

Ok, I'm slacking almost as much on announcements/probes as I am on my own project. So at this point, I'm asking for either updates on what you've done so far, or something interesting that you've done instead.
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Day 7

We're already a week in to codemonth - you should have at least some momentum at this point, but if not, perhaps describing what you're stuck on here would help?
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Day four.

SInce we've only had local signups, I'd just say "spend that extra hour voting instead" except that the polls are already closed...

So we have two android projects and one unspecified one signed up. I'll ask for progress reports tomorrow...
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Day "one"

Starting on a holiday/party weekend might not have been the most clever choice... but start we shall. Time to start your projects! Reply here with what you're working on, what your first milestone (inchstone? remember, we're going for steady pressure, a little work each day, not marathons) is, and what you're aiming for this month...
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Codemonth 5.0!

It's Codemonth again.

As in previous years, this works like NaNoWriMo but for code, instead of stories. It's not as specific - we're not aiming for SLoC targets, as much as projects that would benefit from 30 days of attention. Every day, do something for your project:

  • write a test

  • comment or document something

  • add a feature

Whatever you have time for, the name of the game is Progress, and multiplying a little bit of forward motion by 30 (or 25 or 20) might actually get you somewhere (or might turn it into a habit...)

How it works: Friday (October 31) I'll start a "What are you doing" thread (feel free to brainstorm about ideas here, in the meantime) and then every day, I'll post I "what did you do today"; I'll occasionally call out specific projects for attention, but it will mostly be general "chime in everybody!" requests. (Feel free to join in late, if you find this after the 1st...)

Suggestions: pick something you care about. (Side projects for work aren't a bad thing, but this about cheering people on, and it's a lot harder to generate enthusiasm for your employer :-)
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The end of a month, the start of a maintenance cycle

November is over, but rather than treating this as "pencils down, papers to the front", think of it as having built some momentum to sustain your project into the new year. Remember that codecon is back (April 2008, San Francisco, "new and improved") if you're looking for more external inspiration.

Post wrapups and summaries here.

(meterstone got as far as "viewer bootstrapped, vastly more english than code, but definitely something that will keep percolating in the short term.")