_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

Day 20ish

Well, I was trying to post every five days or so, but travel intervened.)

Since most of you are in the US, I hope you've enjoyed your turkey day... so instead of going out into the consumer hell of Black Friday, stay home and work on your project :-) If it involves coordinating with people outside the US they'll likely be working too...

I've continued to have english get ahead of code, in meterstone (latest not-very-blinding insight - the fact that there are real and imaginary parts to an estimate does not imply that they behave at all like complex numbers; they're just tuples...) and have yet to get "add element" completed, so that should be my Friday project. (I've also let a new EEEpc distract me, but I've beaten it into shape :-)
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