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Codemonth 5.0!

It's Codemonth again.

As in previous years, this works like NaNoWriMo but for code, instead of stories. It's not as specific - we're not aiming for SLoC targets, as much as projects that would benefit from 30 days of attention. Every day, do something for your project:

  • write a test

  • comment or document something

  • add a feature

Whatever you have time for, the name of the game is Progress, and multiplying a little bit of forward motion by 30 (or 25 or 20) might actually get you somewhere (or might turn it into a habit...)

How it works: Friday (October 31) I'll start a "What are you doing" thread (feel free to brainstorm about ideas here, in the meantime) and then every day, I'll post I "what did you do today"; I'll occasionally call out specific projects for attention, but it will mostly be general "chime in everybody!" requests. (Feel free to join in late, if you find this after the 1st...)

Suggestions: pick something you care about. (Side projects for work aren't a bad thing, but this about cheering people on, and it's a lot harder to generate enthusiasm for your employer :-)

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