_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

Day "one"

Starting on a holiday/party weekend might not have been the most clever choice... but start we shall. Time to start your projects! Reply here with what you're working on, what your first milestone (inchstone? remember, we're going for steady pressure, a little work each day, not marathons) is, and what you're aiming for this month...
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My original choice was going to be "Port MMMRavs from palmos to Android" but I spent about 10 hours on that last week (instead of, say, preparing codemonth postings :-} ) and a first cut is actually done, so that's clearly not a month long project... for the first week, at least, I'll focus on improving it, but then I'll have to find something for the rest of the month.
I guess I'm signed up for http://code.google.com/p/k9mail/

Today's hackery was mostly "improve performance so that I can use the client" I also fixed a few bugs and added a few minor features. Tomorrow, I think I want to add text zooming and some more control over mail fetching.