_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

Day 16

We're halfway through the month; over at that other project they're hitting the 25,000 word mark. Hopefully you're plinking away at something at this point; how's it going?
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I did a complete rewrite of MMMravs from static-XML-style to straight up Java code style; at the very least this gave me a clearer idea of what was actually going on, and it makes it easier to convert it to truly dynamic data driven style (ie. json pulled over the web.) Learned about git local branches, as a side effect (so now I'm hopelessly confused about git server-side branches :-)

Also started poking at jythonroid but it'll take a while before that even really *does* anything...
I kind of got sidetracked back to other projects. I've been coding on ~fun things ~every day, but I made K-9 'good enough' quickly enough that it lost my focus.