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Code Month Project's Journal
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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

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Day 2
We're up to six projects now. If you made progress on day 1, great - did you sustain it today? If you didn't, now's a good time to get the ball rolling, and put some time in... make it a habit - even a small amount each day will add up by the end of the month!
Day 3
The US elections are over, and while they've caused a great deal of stress among some of the CodeMonth participants, the sun did nonetheless rise today, so this is a good time to put the stress behind you and do some coding. If you haven't been able to get moving yet, don't try to make up for lost time - just move forward today, right now.

This is also a good time to remember to check in (and backup) often - even a little code is worth a checkin - most of you already use cvs or svn, but if you don't, even making an occasional tarball can save you a lot of pain later.

ps. I'll try and post these earlier, so there's a place to hang evening progress reports or queries at your convenience, not to say that the day is "over" or anything. This is an international group, at least spatially, and I'm not attempting to declare the sovereignty of Eastern Standard Time or anything :-)

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