January 5th, 2006

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And we're off!

Codemonth 2006 starts now, and runs into the first week in February. Same approach as last time:

Come up with a project. Something for which a month of medium-strength coding will suffice, something you can add some code to every day (or at least every weekday - this is not about weekend projects, this is bigger than that.)

Write a sentence or three about what you're going to write this month, and post it as a comment on this posting. You can change direction as the month goes on, but you need a starting point, and something to describe what you're going to *immediately* start coding on as soon as you finish posting here.

This way you've told people and have something to stick to - and something we can ask you about as it goes along. Note that this is not about shame, we're not here to embarass anyone into coding - it's about pride in an idea, in something you can run with and get cheered on for.

I also don't want anyone losing their jobs over this - especially if you find yourself thinking about this at work, step back and evaluate. Make sure you don't run afoul of your employee agreement, or impair yourself too much - work seriously, but not insanely. (On the other hand, if you can spin this as "professional development", more power to you!)

Get going! Don't let a day go by without coding. I'll try to add inspirational suggestions here. If you get stuck, and need suggestions, post about it.
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