November 1st, 2006

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  • eichin

Welcome to November!

It's November again, which means it's CodeMonth again! The backstory hasn't changed, but it's another year, and another set of hip development buzzwords. However, it's also a year of writing some code already, Getting Things Done and "the simplest thing that could possibly work".

So this year, instead of focussing on output, let's focus on solving problems. Find something that you know you could fix if you only sat down and coded something, something the computer should be doing and not a person, maybe something you just don't get around to doing but would if the computer took care of the tedious part for you. Don't worry about social value, solve a problem for yourself first; once you've made yourself happy and you're in the groove of knocking off problems, broaden your scope.

Reply to this if you've got a starting project in mind. Don't worry about it being big or small - if you finish it, you can start another, if you don't, you'll at least have momentum that comes from applying some effort every day this month. If you're stuck, write a paragraph about why you're stuck and what you'll do next; it's not code, but it counts as effort. Write a test case for the thing that isn't working, even better :-)

We've got an almost late start, but we've started. Go!