_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

How does this work?

  • Come up with a project. Something for which a month of medium-strength coding will suffice, something you can add some code to every day (or at least every weekday - this is not about weekend projects, this is bigger than that.)

  • Post a response to the "Start Here" posting, describing your goal. (Try to do this on Monday, 1 November; if you find this late, that's ok but after Friday I'll probably close it off.)

  • Get going! Don't let a day go by without coding. I'll try to add inspirational suggestions here. If you get stuck, and need suggestions, post about it.

Other thoughts: if you want to find coding buddies ("will meet in X coffeeshop at Y time, for an hour, to occupy a table and work - not talk, or collaborate, but maybe keep each other from surfing or newsreading, and keeping other people from interrupting to share the table") or such, that would be good to post too. I'll also try and do milestone postings.
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