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CodeMonth 2007!

It's CodeMonth again. You've got a couple of days left to pick a project that you've wanted to do for a while but haven't really been able to get motivated to actually grind away at, and get some enthusiastic friends (us!) to nag encourage you and help you keep on target. Even if you only make a little progress each day, multiply that by thirty and by the end of the month, you'll have really gotten somewhere... maybe even have the momentum to carry you through to deployment, codecon (in April), or at least some good stories...

Don't know what to do? Maybe you could do something with

  • OpenID

  • One of them AJAXy web2.0 framework thingies that you didn't get to last year

  • Google Gears

  • Greasemonkey or XULrunner

  • Haskell

  • OpenLayers

  • ... all of the above ...

Wednesday (October 31) I'll start a "What are you doing" thread (feel free to brainstorm about ideas here, in the meantime) and then every day, I'll post I "what did you do today"; I'll occasionally call out specific projects for attention, but it will mostly be general "chime in everybody!" requests. (Feel free to join in late, if you find this after the 1st...)
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It's not so much "not motivated" as "ground into no creativity or ability to think by work". I'd love to hear thoughts from folk about how to deal with a life work balance that's all work, no life -- if for no other reason, than for pure stress related exhaustion, and boiling frog syndrome.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog has some pointers (namely to experiments that it doesn't work with frogs either... but possibly more usefully, to articles on abusive relationships, which it sounds like the one you have with your work might be :-}

I've found keeping hourly-or-better activity logs help (as much to reduce guilt as anything - if I can see that I put in a real amount of on-target (and not surfing etc) time, then I don't feel guilty about the rest of my time being my own...)
Heh. Y'know, it's hard to see an abusive relationship from the middle of it, isn't it.

Unfortunately I already keep time logs for work, so I tend to know exactly how much time they're eating. Then again, it seems like it'd be a neat experiment to try targeting a 37.5 hour work week... Hmm...