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Day 1: What's up?

I haven't started on a codemonth project myself - unless "rebuilding a kernel and restricted-drivers for ubuntu gutsy so my thinkpad works" counts, but that's also done and isn't (fortunately) going to take all month :-)

My short list of possible projects includes

  • Building an openid-based off-LJ polling system

  • End-to-end encrypted hiveminder tasks (a greasemonkey hack or XPI, probably)

  • Finish an emacs interface to hiveminder (possibly using the AIMbot and pyToc

  • Bug-A-Day: go through every unix command (start with /bin) and identify, fix, and submit a patch for all of them

I should be able to get started again on the weekend. Are you having trouble choosing from a big pile of ideas? Throw them out here for discussion, or at least comment on mine :-)
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