_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

Day 5: Got any momentum?

I'll admit to not having picked one big project yet (so much for the nanowrimo comparison) but I've knocked off a handful of little ones. Granted, most of them were "recover from the carnage of moving to Ubuntu Gutsy" - and hiveminder has been excellent for tracking "all the little things I actually think I'm going to fix soon" but doesn't do much for bigger projects.

How about you? Or is everybody too overworked to get anywhere outside of BPS Hackathons :-)
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Er... I've got a cold, a day on the phone with cisco, a clean and useable plane, and a house that looks like the set for a home renovation show.

If I'm lucky, I'll have a wrangle with Parse::RecDescent that'll let me do useful things with firewall configs sometime this week -- and subsequently translate that into Java (don't ask. It hurts). Not the one big project at all, but something, at least.
The problem I'm having right now is that some of the long-term finally-finished hacking I've done in my codemonth time is... hard to explain :-) For example, I finally implemented a review-and-fix tool for trackforward - so I can go back and fix the last 150 mangled entries (and then regenerate the feed.) But it's not clear that trackforward itself is the kind of thing that anyone else *wants* (certainly not in the shape it's in now - but even polished up as an XPI it's of somewhat limited value...) I can certainly report progress on it though :-)