_Mark_ (eichin) wrote in codemonth,

Day 10: November marches on, do you?

I've finally got a project picked out and embarked upon, though at this point, I've written far more english than code, so maybe it should have been a nanowrimo project instead :-) Anyone else get a late start? Any progress on those Hibernate patches, 76trombones?
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Only a little bit, and I certainly can't say I've done something every day (so, not really following the nanowrimo pattern). Still, a little bit is better than none. And it's good to have a reminder to do more. :)
"every day" is perhaps more of an aspiration than a requirement... "having done a little, now do a little bit more" :-)

(In the subsequent two days I've written another chunk of english about meterstone, but still no code :-)