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T-5 days...

November is winding down; time to think about finishing touches, and what you're going to call the accomplishment for the month. We don't have a 50 kiloword target or anything, this is more of a "paint the target around where the arrow landed" deal :-)

(meterstone status: mostly stalled by new-toy sysadmining and configuration, but there's a hackathon coming up...)
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Day 20ish

Well, I was trying to post every five days or so, but travel intervened.)

Since most of you are in the US, I hope you've enjoyed your turkey day... so instead of going out into the consumer hell of Black Friday, stay home and work on your project :-) If it involves coordinating with people outside the US they'll likely be working too...

I've continued to have english get ahead of code, in meterstone (latest not-very-blinding insight - the fact that there are real and imaginary parts to an estimate does not imply that they behave at all like complex numbers; they're just tuples...) and have yet to get "add element" completed, so that should be my Friday project. (I've also let a new EEEpc distract me, but I've beaten it into shape :-)
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Day 15: Halfway...

Now that we're midway through the month, it's a good time to look back on what you've done so far and try to predict what you'll get done for the rest. Have you made steady progress? Bursty? Climbed a learning curve with not much to show, but you're ready to make real progress now?

(As for me: Meterstone now has an 8:1 ratio of english to code, but that's better than ∞:1, at least there is some code to move forward on now, and a clear set of Next Steps... plus some experience with a new curses widget framework, STFL and its python bindings, which should be useful for a couple of other apps too.)
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Day 5: Got any momentum?

I'll admit to not having picked one big project yet (so much for the nanowrimo comparison) but I've knocked off a handful of little ones. Granted, most of them were "recover from the carnage of moving to Ubuntu Gutsy" - and hiveminder has been excellent for tracking "all the little things I actually think I'm going to fix soon" but doesn't do much for bigger projects.

How about you? Or is everybody too overworked to get anywhere outside of BPS Hackathons :-)
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Day 1: What's up?

I haven't started on a codemonth project myself - unless "rebuilding a kernel and restricted-drivers for ubuntu gutsy so my thinkpad works" counts, but that's also done and isn't (fortunately) going to take all month :-)

My short list of possible projects includes

  • Building an openid-based off-LJ polling system

  • End-to-end encrypted hiveminder tasks (a greasemonkey hack or XPI, probably)

  • Finish an emacs interface to hiveminder (possibly using the AIMbot and pyToc

  • Bug-A-Day: go through every unix command (start with /bin) and identify, fix, and submit a patch for all of them

I should be able to get started again on the weekend. Are you having trouble choosing from a big pile of ideas? Throw them out here for discussion, or at least comment on mine :-)
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CodeMonth 2007!

It's CodeMonth again. You've got a couple of days left to pick a project that you've wanted to do for a while but haven't really been able to get motivated to actually grind away at, and get some enthusiastic friends (us!) to nag encourage you and help you keep on target. Even if you only make a little progress each day, multiply that by thirty and by the end of the month, you'll have really gotten somewhere... maybe even have the momentum to carry you through to deployment, codecon (in April), or at least some good stories...

Don't know what to do? Maybe you could do something with

  • OpenID

  • One of them AJAXy web2.0 framework thingies that you didn't get to last year

  • Google Gears

  • Greasemonkey or XULrunner

  • Haskell

  • OpenLayers

  • ... all of the above ...

Wednesday (October 31) I'll start a "What are you doing" thread (feel free to brainstorm about ideas here, in the meantime) and then every day, I'll post I "what did you do today"; I'll occasionally call out specific projects for attention, but it will mostly be general "chime in everybody!" requests. (Feel free to join in late, if you find this after the 1st...)
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Wrap up

The random hammer of chaos came down a few more times, and I'm ready to declare November over. submoinmoin is pretty much done except for merge and any kind of performance; nagaina is still at 0.05, readme-blog gained a few features, and a conkeror-selection-unscraper pretty much works. So at least for me the whole "stay focussed on doing actual code" aspect of codemonth worked.

If it worked for anyone else, feel free to follow up with a mention. Likewise if anyone wants to try again for IAP, otherwise it's next November and a little more planning, in 2007.

(Also, I've seen no mention of a 2007 codecon, which I sometimes propose as another codemonth motivator; anyone have details?)
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More cheerleading :-)

I've added "any" support to nagaina, and tweaked the readme-blog tools sufficiently that I've proposed adding my python feed to I've also hacked up a (not particularly releasable) svn-like moinmoin client - supports checkout, diff, commit and a limited (no merge) update. Little things, but all of them matter, to me at least - to the point of enhancing my "I can code anything" feeling of power.

How about you? Making progress? Some least publishable unit?