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Welcome to November!

It's November again, which means it's CodeMonth again! The backstory hasn't changed, but it's another year, and another set of hip development buzzwords. However, it's also a year of writing some code already, Getting Things Done and "the simplest thing that could possibly work".

So this year, instead of focussing on output, let's focus on solving problems. Find something that you know you could fix if you only sat down and coded something, something the computer should be doing and not a person, maybe something you just don't get around to doing but would if the computer took care of the tedious part for you. Don't worry about social value, solve a problem for yourself first; once you've made yourself happy and you're in the groove of knocking off problems, broaden your scope.

Reply to this if you've got a starting project in mind. Don't worry about it being big or small - if you finish it, you can start another, if you don't, you'll at least have momentum that comes from applying some effort every day this month. If you're stuck, write a paragraph about why you're stuck and what you'll do next; it's not code, but it counts as effort. Write a test case for the thing that isn't working, even better :-)

We've got an almost late start, but we've started. Go!
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Due to complicated circumstances, after posting the launch I wasn't able to do any of the drum-beating or motivational bits that would normally accompany the launch. Since anyone who'd have started without it, has done so anyway, so I'm closing down this effort for now. Will try again with more prep (and backup!) later in the year.
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And we're off!

Codemonth 2006 starts now, and runs into the first week in February. Same approach as last time:

Come up with a project. Something for which a month of medium-strength coding will suffice, something you can add some code to every day (or at least every weekday - this is not about weekend projects, this is bigger than that.)

Write a sentence or three about what you're going to write this month, and post it as a comment on this posting. You can change direction as the month goes on, but you need a starting point, and something to describe what you're going to *immediately* start coding on as soon as you finish posting here.

This way you've told people and have something to stick to - and something we can ask you about as it goes along. Note that this is not about shame, we're not here to embarass anyone into coding - it's about pride in an idea, in something you can run with and get cheered on for.

I also don't want anyone losing their jobs over this - especially if you find yourself thinking about this at work, step back and evaluate. Make sure you don't run afoul of your employee agreement, or impair yourself too much - work seriously, but not insanely. (On the other hand, if you can spin this as "professional development", more power to you!)

Get going! Don't let a day go by without coding. I'll try to add inspirational suggestions here. If you get stuck, and need suggestions, post about it.
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November snuck up on me...

Anyone got projects they're ready to dive into? Or would December be a better timeframe?

(My recent projects have been smaller scale and easier to complete - most of the things I've wanted to do with have taken one to three days, for example.)

Update: December is pretty sneaky too. The tentative plan is to align it approximately with MIT's Independent Activities Period -- and run it from January 3 to February 3, 2006. More details to follow.
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Day 30: wrapup

Codemonth (November) ends today. I'd appreciate it if people posted comments here, on any or all of these questions:

  • Was this structure useful? Should I do it again, either over IAP or in November?

  • Were the daily comments, in particular, of any value, motivational, nagging or otherwise? Would they be improved by covering technical topics each day, or simply having a variety of people post them?

  • Did you reach your original goal?

  • Did you get any code written?

  • Better daily target values for next time?

  • Were the other forms of support that would have been useful?

Thank you all for participating, in any case.